Hello. I'm John, kart racing driver, Product Development Engineer @ Atlas-Copco IAS and Web Developer @ Centrostile.

Some things about me
I got pretty good at engineering at the University of Exeter, and managed to earn myself a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (MEng). I'm now working at the fantastic Atlas-Copco as part of the Industrial Assembly Solutions Division, where I design tooling for automotive assembly. It is quite possibly the most exciting thing I've had the opportunity to be involved with!

I finished 4th overall in the British Karting Championship in 2016 in the top category, KZ.

I race in KZ for Aztech Motorsport, the official UK importer of LenzoKart. I've not looked back since joining this team, the spirit and drive to succeed we all share is incredible, and not something I've experienced for a long time. I have competed in around 180 kart races competitively, and have put it on the podium 124 times (a decent proportion of those I was #1).
I set up my own web design agency, Centrostile, after getting pretty alright at that kind of thing. I even won an award for making Aztech Motorsport's site really rather pretty indeed.
I work with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, jQuery, PHP & MYSQL, and dip occasionally into Angular and C+/Arduino.

You can find me on insta (or try emailing me if you somehow still prefer to do that)

Invece se preferisci, scrivimi anche in italiano. Assicurati di avermi preparato una bella domanda oppure invitami ad un aperitivo (io di sicuro ti risponderò con un gran bel SÌ).

I am @johnpikeracing