John Pike is a multi-disciplinary sportsperson based in North Wales.


Starting a career in karting in 2006, John quickly moved through the ranks to compete at National level in 2007, finishing a respectable 12th overall of over 40 drivers. In 2011 he entered the British championship in the Senior category and caused quite a stir amongst some much more established rivals. 2012 saw his move to the Lotus Kart Team, finishing 8th overall. 2014 brought a new challenge in the form of the KZ gearbox category, the highest level of kart racing in the world. Despite no experience in the category, he finished an excellent 7th in the British Championship, ending the season with a podium and a number of fastest laps.

A year break in Italy gave John the opportunity to revive a partnership with WildKart S.r.L, and in 2016 he returned to the British KZ Championship with a new fire that propelled him to 4th overall, and dominating his home round in North Wales.

Drawing the attention of LenzoKart UK brought John some new challenges in 2017-18, as the demands of a working life began to strain the available time for karting. Nonetheless he still underlined his capabilities amongst a tough crowd, consistently overcoming technical difficulties to achieve notable results.

In 2019 his karting career was put on hold as he looked towards a new challenge - showjumping. Despite never having ridden a horse, within a month he was already jumping, putting him in a strong position for the 2020 season.

In February 2020, he welcomed Jacques into the Pike family for an expedition into the new world of horseriding.

This year John aims to introduce Jacques to competitive events, including showjumping and dressage, whilst building his skills across a variety of practice events and sessions.